Easily make and test engineered heart tissue from iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes.

With Propria technology, any scientist currently working with iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes becomes a muscle physiologist, gaining access to comprehensive contractility measurements without specialized training. Propria EHTs can be used to measure true isometric contraction force, length-dependent activation, force-frequency relationships, and even the passive mechanical properties of engineered tissue.

Just add cells.

Engineers at Propria have used innovative design to eliminate the complex and finicky protocols usually required to make engineered heart tissue. Using our pre-packaged MyoPod™ scaffolds, anyone skilled in ordinary cell culture procedures can easily produce robust, functional constructs.

Skip complex instrument set-ups and go straight to generating contraction data.

In the past, getting muscle contraction data involved complex, multi-component systems and extensive training. MyoLab™ is a revolutionary instrument that combines all the needed components into a single user-friendly package. Once a tissue is seeded and cultured to maturity, it can be inserted into the machine for functional testing in one easy step.

All the contractile data you need.

MyoLab™ runs automated tests on each tissue with computer-controlled precision and reproducibility. Measure true isometric twitch contractions with direct force measurements and millisecond accuracy. Automatic force-frequency and force-length protocols reveal the responses of your tissue to electrical stimulus and stretch. MyoLab™ also measures the force produced by tissues during the diastolic phase – allowing comprehensive passive mechanical data to be collected along the way. With MyoLab™ software, designed by experimentalists, analysis is instantaneous and formatted to integrate seamlessly into your statistical workflow.

100 µN

200 ms