Contractile Profiling


Contractile Profiling

Are you hitting the right contractility mark?

Desirable biochemical effects do not assure beneficial pharmacology in the human heart. The complexity of the cardiac contractile apparatus often results in pharmacophores producing multiple simultaneous effects on muscle performance. Generating a complete and accurate picture of cardiac contractility in human tissues is essential for hitting the desired physiological mark.

Propria’s patent-pending technology provides:

  • Direct measurement of contractile properties in human cardiac tissue
  • Real-time monitoring of thin, diffusion-friendly cardiac tissues
  • Detailed physiological relationships, including interplay between contraction and relaxation parameters

With applications for basic research and drug discovery, including:

  • Disease modeling
  • Hit identification and lead optimization support

MAVA_twitch_responses (1)


Isometric twitch force waveforms are acquired from paced MyoPod™ hEHTs as increasing compound concentrations are applied. Key physiological metrics are then instantaneously computed.





Representative Outputs of Contractile Profiling


Comprehensive characterization of the contractile profile for human cardiac tissues provides an unparalleled ability to predict human physiology. Propria’s MyoLab system is used to capture the key functional parameters in mature human engineered heart tissues (hEHTs) efficiently and accurately.

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