MyoPod™ Human Engineered Heart Tissues (hEHTs)

MyoPod™ Human Engineered Heart Tissues (hEHTs)

MyoPod hEHTs are fully functional, mature, and machine-readable human cardiac tissues.

Key advantages of MyoPod hEHTs

  • Created by seeding cells into decellularized myocardial matrix, enhancing cell alignment and maturity
  • Ribbon-like tissues are thin and accessible (oxygen diffusion, viral particles, traditional RNA approaches, etc.)
  • Designed for optimal mechanical measurements


Propria Beating Heart Tissue-1

Validation of MyoPod hEHT Performance

  • Excellent maturation profile relative to adult human tissue
  • Realistic responses to common inotropes and inhibitors

Scaffold design and advantages

Engineered with unrelenting attention to detail and quality control, our MyoPod™ scaffold system enables reliable production of robust, machine-readable tissues.



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