Functional Cardiac Reserve


Functional Cardiac Reserve

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In addition to standard cardiac contractility measurements (twitch forces and kinetics), Propria is the only commercial hEHT platform that measures length-dependent activation (LDA). LDA is an in vitro surrogate for “cardiac reserve”, or the capacity of the heart muscle to mechanically respond to changing physiological needs. Propria hEHTs are uniquely able to be stretched to multiple lengths while measuring contraction, revealing key information about effects on heart physiology in vivo.

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Propria’s unique technology and expertise enable:

  • Early in vitro detection of alterations to Frank-Starling behavior
  • Measurement of length-dependent activation of isometric contraction
  • Deep insights into cardiac adaptability (“cardiac reserve”)

With applications for basic research and drug discovery, including:

  • Disease modeling
  • Hit identification and lead optimization support

02_LDA_explanation-2Subtle but important mechanistic differences can exist in how muscle targets are modulated. While contractile profiling characterizes modulation of canonical cardiac contractile properties, LDA goes deeper into the mechanisms of physiologic responses and provides unique and predictive insights into the functional capacity of the heart.

To learn more about LDA and its physiologic relevance, click the links below:

  1. Shen et al 2021
  2. de Tombe et al 2010 JMCC

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