Contractile Profiling & Disease Models

Are you hitting the right contractility mark?

Desirable biochemical effects do not assure beneficial pharmacology in the human heart. The complexity of the cardiac contractile apparatus often results in pharmacophores producing multiple simultaneous effects on muscle performance. Generating a complete and accurate picture of cardiac contractility in human tissues is essential for hitting the desired physiological mark for assessing therapeutics and modeling disease.

Functional Cardiac Reserve

See further with length-dependent activation

In addition to standard cardiac contractility measurements (twitch forces and kinetics), Propria is the only commercial hEHT platform that measures length-dependent activation (LDA). LDA is an in vitro surrogate for “cardiac reserve”, or the capacity of the heart muscle to mechanically respond to changing physiological needs. Propria hEHTs are uniquely able to be stretched to multiple lengths while measuring contraction, revealing key information about effects on heart physiology in vivo.


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